World Robot Olympiad

W R O, South-South & South-East, Nigeria


The WRO® theme for 2022 is My Robot, My Friend!
The combination of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence can change the world and especially the environment of humans.
The season challenges are connected to the ways that robots can help humans. How can we make robot-human interaction helpful and safe?


STEM Professionals have introduced quality STEM Education to over 5000 pupils and students across Africa, building their problem-solving skills and increasing their prospects of employability and entrepreneurship. We are committed to improving education in Africa and to give young people more opportunities to be competitive on the global stage. And we are so proud to see some of our prodigies across the globe doing well with excellent world-views.

STEM Professionals (WRO Regional Organizers for South-South & South-East region of Nigeria) work in partnership with ArcLights Foundation (National Organisers) to organise WRO Regional/National Events.

We want to appreciate all that have been a part of WRO from inception till date and warmly welcome new school teams that will be participating for the first time from the South-South and South-East region of Nigeria.

An integral part of the STEM Professionals mission is leading the African Child to compete globally to showcase the true African spirit of creativity and innovation every year on the world’s stage.

World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is one of the major platforms helping us accomplish this mission every year.


Join the STEM Revolution In Africa

By the year 2030, more than 50% of the World’s jobs would be STEM-based, according to the United Nations (UN). Join the STEM revolution across Africa by joining a STEM Club in your city, or from wherever you are in Africa and you may just qualify for WRO 2023.

Join the next set of World Robot Olympiad Champions from the South-South & South-East of Nigeria, by joining STEM Professionals Club in your city, either in your School or privately. 


We know that not everyone or every School may the resources and opportunity  yet to make their students WRO-ready.

As a School, you can start now by establishing  STEM Professionals Club in your School, and as a parent, you start now by getting your Child enrolled at STEM Professionals Club from wherever you are to begin your STEM journey in  Competitive Robotics to aid your preparation against next year.

START your STEM journey to the global stage with STEM Professionals now.

Meet the Nigeria's Delegates

Meet the young STEM Champions who qualified and are set to represent Nigeria at the World Robot Olympiad, Germany 2022 in the Junior & Senior categories.

As the theme for this year goes: “My Robot, My Friend;” Robotics has found its relevance in more practical ways in our environment such as health and safety of humans.

FrolicBots – Team Nigeria 1: They have designed a Robot to assist the fire fighters rescue people from a burning building. They are set to compete in the junior high category.

FrolicBots – Team Nigeria 2: They have designed their Robot to support the well-being of patients in a hospital environment, by delivering water and taking care of their laundry. They are set to compete in the Senior high category.

Watch these Teams make Nigeria very proud as they hoist the Nigeria’s flag so high in the community of over 73 countries.

Follow the story from cradle to trophy on Instagram @frolicbots 

World Robot Olympiad (WRO), Germany 🇩🇪 2022


Germany is ready to host the Nigerian delegates alongside other delegates from over 85 countries this November in the World Robot Olympiad. And our South-South/South-East Delegates are ready to make the ground-breaking records for Nigeria in Germany Preparation is on top gear.

Messe Dortmund 🏆

The proposed venue for the WRO competitions.

It is said to be the ideal place to host large events like this.

See you in Germany, our Robotics Stars of the South-South/South East of Nigeria.