The Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT) is an advanced simulator designed to enhance the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robotics experience. An excellent learning tool for classroom and competitive robotics. In partnership with Cogmation (Canada), STEM Professionals adopt the VRT for Nigeria.

Are you part of STEM Professionals Club in Robotics at school or privately? Elevate your STEM-Robotics journey with VRT, the essential tool for building, programming, simulating, and competing with your own robots. Achieve precise results and broaden your robotic solutions. Purchase your 1-year VRT license for $60/year today!

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The WRO® theme for 2022 is My Robot My Friend.
The combination of robotics and artificial intelligence can change the world and especially the environment of humans.
The season challenges are connected to the ways that robots can help humans. How can we make robot-human interaction helpful and safe?

At this page you can find the official international Games & Rules for WRO 2022, the Q&A and more important information about competing.

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Then use the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 programming environment to write programs to control your virtual robot, just as you would the real thing. If you’re familiar with MINDSTORMS programming, you already know how to use our simulator. If you are new to LEGO® Robotics, don’t worry, our training materials will turn you into a pro.

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The simulator’s advanced physics engine affords an unparalleled level of realism. Experiment with how various physical forces act on your robot, change the friction on the playing surface, or mess with gravity to see how your robot would behave in a weightless environment.


See what your robot sees, visualize the sensor outputs in an easy to understand way. The Virtual Robotics Toolkit provides support for the following sensors:

  • MINDSTORMS EV3 – Ultrasonic sensor
  • MINDSTORMS EV3 – Color sensor
  • MINDSTORMS EV3 – Touch sensor
  • MINDSTORMS EV3 – IR sensor
  • MINDSTORMS EV3 – Touch sensor
  • EV3 Gyro Sensor
  • HiTechnic – Infrared sensor
  • HiTechnic – Compass sensor
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Education With Simulation

Robotics is a great way to learn about programming, and an even more powerful tool for teaching STEM subjects.

Simulation is an effective means for understanding how physical concepts like force and motion come to play in real life.

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No Robot, No Problem

Simulated robots are available 24 x 7, don’t ever break, and are never missing parts.

With the Toolkit you can build and program your robot using the exact same tools you would use on the real thing — code you write for your simulated robot will also run in real-life.


Competitive Edge

The Toolkit makes it easy for your team to rapidly design and prototype your robot.

Why wait until your next meetup to see if your robot actually works? Import custom robot models from a variety of popular CAD tools such as LEGO® Digital Designer™ and begin experimenting instantly.


Unleash your imagination and creativity

Simulation can provide a much greater variety of challenges and environments.

Go beyond paper mats and household props. The Virtual Robotics Toolkit comes equipped with several sample projects to get you started, a number of competition mats to hone your skills, and even provides the tools to change the physics engine itself. Have you ever wanted to see what would happen to your robot in the weightlessness of space? Now you can!

Virtual Robotics Toolkit

Save countless hours of development time

You never lose bricks, and it’s always easy to find pieces.

In a digital space you can easily mix and match bricks from various kits using your favorite design tools and in a matter of minutes you’ll have your own creation working within the simulator. You’re really only limited by your imagination.

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Robots for Life

Build it once and keep it forever.

Never again disassemble something that you worked so hard on. The Virtual Robotics Toolkit lets you store your creations as files that live on your computer, making it easy to come back to a project at a later date.

Build Robot and Share globally

Upload your Robots online

Share your robot with friends around the world.

It’s much easier to exchange computer files than physical models. Sharing virtual robots and sample code is a great way to collaborate and stay in touch with other competitive teams long after the competitive season has finished.

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Save money without compromising

An affordable way to get started with robotics.

If you’re new to the world of robotics, simulation can serve as a cost effective introduction to learning the basics of strategy, engineering, and programming before upgrading to a physical machine. If you’re already a seasoned robotics mentor, the Virtual Robotics Toolkit represents a unique opportunity for expanding the capacity of your entire team. Simulation allows you to work with your robot even when it isn’t physically available, meaning that the members of your robotics team can work on their project from home.