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Did you choose Robotics as your STEM area?

You need VRT as an extra tool that would help you do extraordinarily well without having a physical Kit.

Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT) is the most powerful Robotics tool you need to Build, Program and Simulate more Robotic Models and Solutions for everyone in the journey of  Robotics in School and out of School.

Purchase your 1 Year VRT license below.

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Bring your LDraw™ creations to life! The Virtual Robotics Toolkit has the ability to import files that are created using a number of free 3D modeling tools. Whether you are modeling using LEGO® Digital Designer™, MLCAD, or LDCad, simply import your model and prepare to be amazed. Within just a few short minutes you’ll be working with your own creation in a physics enabled simulation

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Then use the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 programming environment to write programs to control your virtual robot, just as you would the real thing. If you’re familiar with MINDSTORMS programming, you already know how to use our simulator. If you are new to LEGO® Robotics, don’t worry, our training materials will turn you into a pro.

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The simulator’s advanced physics engine affords an unparalleled level of realism. Experiment with how various physical forces act on your robot, change the friction on the playing surface, or mess with gravity to see how your robot would behave in a weightless environment.


See what your robot sees, visualize the sensor outputs in an easy to understand way. The Virtual Robotics Toolkit provides support for the following sensors:

  • MINDSTORMS EV3 – Ultrasonic sensor
  • MINDSTORMS EV3 – Color sensor
  • MINDSTORMS EV3 – Touch sensor
  • MINDSTORMS EV3 – IR sensor
  • MINDSTORMS EV3 – Touch sensor
  • EV3 Gyro Sensor
  • HiTechnic – Infrared sensor
  • HiTechnic – Compass sensor

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