Innovative Summer
Africa-wide STEM/STEAM Academy

Innovative Summer

Join the next set of Champions!

You are about to create your own innovative story just like the popular young Marvelous Asila  the Overall Best Participant at Innovative Summer 2020, who became the Face PHRoboCon 2021, and now the new 2021 1st batch Champions (David Mayaki, Godsdelight John, Prosper Ughakpoteni, Maxwell Odedele, Akoh David, David Akintan, Akoh Grace, Somtochukwu, Bryan, Emmanuel, etc).

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Innovative Summer?

Innovative Summer is Africa’s leading STEAM Academy every Summer (August – October), where young Africans connect from different backgrounds across Africa to learn, develop and build innovative STEAM (STEM + Art) skills and projects with fun outside the school terrain, delivered by certified STEM Professionals Coaches at an unusually affordable cost. It’s a clash of creativity & innovation for Kids and young adults.

The Value

At Innovative Summer you would Dream More, Learn More, Do More and Become More. Learn in summer, Lead in winter, and always. Develop STEAM skills, Dominate your world, and attract much more value from early age!

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Age Range

Innovative Summer runs specifically for young Africans from the age of 7 and above regardless of your experience, culture, religion, wherever you are in Africa, even with zero STEM knowledge! 

Innovative Summer Categories:

  1. Early Category (7 – 12 years)
  2. Junior Category (13 – 17 years)
  3. Senior Category (18 – above)

Skills You Would Learn

Skills You Would Learn

Tools You Need

2nd Batch (September - October)


Innovative Summer is 100% Virtual, right from where you are!

STEM Professionals lead Virtual Delivery of STEM Education.


Mondays – Fridays:

6 pm – 8 pm (WAT) Daily 

 Saturday 11 am – 3 pm (WAT) <> (Graphics, CMS or Digital Marketing)

While Signing Up, Select your best STEAM areas of choice for Innovative Summer 2021. E.g. Robotics & Graphic Design.

After your Sign Up, you can download your Time Schedule above.


Monday 13th September Thursday 9th October, 2021


Unbelievably, only NGN 15,000 ($60) admits you into Innovative Summer 2021. But this only goes to participants in Nigeria. Click PAY NOW.

For Participants outside Nigeria, Click Pay Now to Sign Up.

Upon Sign Up, you get  your Innovative Summer 2021 Pack, and you would get redirected to join the Group of Participants.


Listen to the mother of the Overall Best Performer Last Innovative Summer 2020

Innovative Summer 2020
Marvelous Asila, Overall Best, 2020

Extra Benefits

World Robot Olympiad || PHRoboCon 2021


Innovative Summer 2021 would give you that extra opportunity to prepare more for two world-class contests: 1. World Robot Olympiad (WRO).  2. Port Harcourt Robot Contest. PHRoboCon is the contest of disruptive STEM solutions by young people. PHRoboCon searches for young STEM Champions who would design superior STEM solutions to the prevailing problems in Port Harcourt. You want to be one of the Champions? Click to See More!

Watch Video


This year, the enrollment fee is $60 (NGN 30,000).

But it is just $30 (NGN 15,000) $60 for participants in Nigeria ONLY.

A simple click on the link from your Innovative Summer account automatically takes you to the class every time.

Yes sure, even before the end of Innovative Summer 2021, you would always receive the last class video on your Summer account with which you’re running the program. Your Summer account is your unique stemprofs account given to you upon sign up, e.g.

By executing all your projects, excellent participation, and a number of other criteria already set out. A clear demonstration of exceptionalism all through Innovative Summer 2021 would keep you close to it. All your Coaches would also be your Judges.


The most important thing is for you to sign up. As soon as you sign up, your email would be scheduled permanently for all your Innovative Summer sessions, and you would always get alerts or reminders intermittently on the home screen of your smartphone (either Daddy’s or Mum’s phone for those in early category who don’t own a phone yet).

Again, this is the reason you would join the Innovative Summer Group where we interact, and also on our digital classroom where we share exercises and projects, access and score our work and interact digitally.

Every Participant has a maximum of 4 STEAM Areas to cover during Innovative Summer 2021. 

1. Business/Entreneurship and Leadersip are statutory (for all participants)

2. You select one core STEM Area of your choice e.g. Robotics, Coding, Animation, Game Development, or AI.

3. Finally, you would also select one from other STEAM Areas on the list: Graphics, CMS/Web Design, Digital Marketing for different age categories. Different options are available for different age categories. After your payment, click on Enroll to see the STEAM options for your age category.

Your Innovative Summer 2021 Pack contains most of the tools you need:

  1. All Software, both free & premium. E.g. VRT is included for 14 days trial. VRT is a premium Robotics tool.
  2. Your special summer account (e.g., with which you log on to all Classes. An alternative is a simple Gmail account.
  3. Robot Design Tools for those choosing Robotics

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