Innovative Summer 2022

STEAM Bootcamp for 7 to 21 Years Old

....lead the future !!!!

Position your Child for a Great Future with world-class STEM+Art Skills. Give them a new unforgettable STEAM experience this Summer!

Get them Coached by the award-winning and certified STEM Professionals physically or virtually (wherever you are).

Innovative Summer?

Innovative Summer is Africa’s leading STEAM Bootcamp, where young people connect together from different backgrounds across Africa to develop competitive STEAM (STEM + Art) skills, build projects and win prizes with fun outside the school terrain. It’s a clash of creativity and innovation for young people physically and virtually, every year.

The Value

At Innovative Summer 2022, every Participant Dreams More, Learns More, Does More and Becomes More. Learn in summer, Lead in winter. Develop STEAM skills today, Dominate today. Attract real value from a very young age and for a lifetime!

For Who?

Innovative Summer runs specifically for young people from the age of 7 to 21 years across Africa regardless of their culture, religion, even with zero STEAM knowledge!



Pick anyone of the first Six and any two of the last three with Entrepreneurship/Business Design statutory for all participants.


Pick anyone of the first Six and any two of the last three with Entrepreneurship/Business Design statutory for all participants.

Tools You Need

You get the first four ready and we get you the last four 


Physical   &   Virtual 

Choose your venue while registering above!


Mondays – Fridays 


1 Month!

Monday 1st August Wednesday 31st August, 2022


$100 (NGN 50,000)

“Real value, yet affordable” is the focus!

What Participants & Parents Say

I remain so proud of emerging the Overall Champion of Innovative Summer 2020, and my STEM journey in Robotics since then. I love STEM Professionals Club and for being a member of Robotics in my School @ Deeper Life High School, PHC. I look forward to being one of the Champions of the Port Harcourt Robot Contest, 2023

Marvelous Asila

Overal Champion, 2020. Deeper Life High Sch., PHC

I wish STEM Professionals Club would come to my school, Deeper Life High School, Akure Campus to Keep developing my Robotics skills and to be part of the participants of the World Robot Olympiad.
It was so inspiring to connect with STEM Professionals Coaches like Mr. Golden, my Innovative Summer Robotics Coach. He is a fantastic Robotics Coach. I also want to thank my parents for paying not once but twice. I also want to thank my Principal for introducing me to the stemprofs website.

David Akintan

Overall Best, 2021 B. Deeper Life High Sch., Akure

It was so interesting to connect virtually with other young participants to develop my stem/steam skills including animation, game development, web design and graphic design. It was really fun, interesting and entertaining and I wish to continue and also to have wish STEM Professionals Club permanently in my school, deeper life high school, Akure Campus to keep developing my animation skills. It was so inspiring to connect with stem professionals coaches like Mr. Miracle my innovative summer coach. I also want to appreciate my parent for the financial and moral support.

Precious Akintan

3rd Overall Best, 2021 B

Hi, Innovative Summer 2021 was a great opportunity for me to begin my STEM journey. I have remained excited wining the Overall Best of the 1st Batch. I continued my STEM journey in Robotics at STEM Professionals Club in my School. I’m excited I would be leading my School (RIS) to the Port Harcourt Tech/STEM Festival 2023

And also compete at the World Robot Olympiad National Qualifier to battle for the ticket to Germany for World Robot Olympiad International.

Overall Winner

David Mayaki

Overall Best, 2021. Redeemers Int'l Sch, PHC

I have learnt a lot in Robotics since I joined STEM Professionals Club in my former School, DLHS. Congrats to David Mayaki for winning Overall Best, but I hope to perform much better in 2022.

I’m so glad to win the ticket to compete at National Qualifier and to represent Nigeria for the World Robot Olympiad in Germany this year. I hope to make Nigeria so proud in Germany.

Prosper Ughakpoteni

3rd Overall Best, 2021 A. Primegate Sch., PHC

I am glad I joined Innovative Summer 2021. It was a fantastic experience in Robotics. I learnt practical things, and it opened up my mind the more about Robotics. I love Mr. Golden, my Robotics Coach for his explanations and beautiful coaching style and his slides and the challenge section too.

I also learnt unforgettable skills in web development with Mr. Gabriel, and I planned to make a contribution to my school website when I resume school such as site favicon, etc.

Grace Fagbemi

2nd Overall Champion, 2021 B. Deeper Life High Sch., Lagos

I am truly intrigued by what I am seeing my son Maxwell do with Animation & Game Development from Innovative Summer 2021.

His interest and and passion to build games is so inspiring. I am so happy to see him build his first game. I really want to continue to fuel his passion in game development because of the prospects out there in game development. I really want to appreciate the STEM Professional Coaches for the professionalism, patience  and commitment. We had some hitches the first few days, but it became so worthwhile. Thanks so much.

Mr. Oladele

Parent: Maxwell Oladele; Abuja

The Principal of my Children’s school shared the flyer and I enrolled my son, David. It was a good challenge for him seeing what his mates were doing in Robotics. I was encouraged by his passion and what he was doing. After the first batch, he emerged the 7th Overall Participant with a report from the coaches that he would have been one of the best 3 if not for his laptop that developed some hitches and couldn’t let him finish his Robotics tasks. The 2nd batch came and I enrolled him again and his sister for Animation/Game. At the end, David emerged the overall best and won some gifts including 1 Year VRT license. My Husband and I are so fulfilled we enrolled them. We really want them to continue their STEM development because of their passion and progress.

Mrs. Akintan

Parent, Akure

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Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the Answers. You can ask more questions that you may have different from these ones. Use the comment area below and we would respond shortly.

The cost for Innovative Summer 2022 is $100 (or NGN 50, 000 in Nigeria).

A simple click on the link from your Innovative Summer account automatically takes you to the live sessions every time.

Yes, sure! Even before the end of Innovative Summer, you would always receive the last class video on your Summer account with which you’re running the program. Your Summer account is your unique stemprofs account given to you upon sign up, e.g. An alternative is any Gmail account. You can choose to create a Gmail account for your summer program.

By executing all your projects, excellent participation, and a number of other criteria already set out. A clear demonstration of exceptionalism all through Innovative Summer this year would keep you close to it. All your Coaches would also be your Judges.


The most important thing is for you to sign up. As soon as you sign up, your email would be scheduled permanently for all your Innovative Summer sessions, and you would always get alerts or reminders intermittently on the home screen of your smartphone (either Daddy’s or Mum’s phone for those in early category who don’t own a phone yet). Make sure you sync that email on your smartphone to receive the alerts.

Again, this is the reason you would join the Innovative Summer Group where we interact, and also on our digital classroom where we do exercises, projects, score our work and interact digitally.

Every Participant has a maximum of 3 STEAM Areas to cover during Innovative Summer 2022. 

1. All participants would select two areas out of the following

  • Entrepreneurship/Business Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing

2. All participants would select one core STEM Area of their choice from the list below also:

  • Robotics (Competitive),
  • Coding/Web Development
  •  Animation
  •  Game Development
  •  Coding/App Development.
  • AI fundamentals 
  • Drone Tech (Physical)

Your Innovative Summer 2022 Pack contains most of the tools you need: Upon Sign up, you would begin installations.

  1. All Software/Design tools, both free & premium. E.g. VRT is included for 14 days trial. VRT is a premium Robotics tool.
  2. Your special summer account (e.g., with which you log on to all Classes. An alternative is a simple Gmail account.
  3. Robot Design Tools for those choosing Robotics

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