STEM Festival 2023

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...innovate, compete, shape the future

Our mission at STEM Festival is to make STEM Education accessible and engaging to individuals of all backgrounds and ages. We believe that by providing hands-on experiences, interactive exhibits, competition and expert presentations, we can demystify these fields and make them more approachable, and inspire the next generation of problem-solvers and critical thinkers. We are fostering curiosity, creativity, a lifelong love of learning, and seeking solutions to the challenges we face as a society

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STEM Festival 2023 Theme

Linking The World

Are you ready to make a difference and Link the world with your ideas? The STEM Festival Challenge this year is to design a Smart Connectivity Solution that will bring people and communities closer together. STEM Festival event and competition are in the following STEM areas: Robotics, Coding, IoT/Electronics, Animation and Drone Technology. Whether you’re a seasoned STEM expert or just starting out, register your team and take on the challenge. Join the contest now and be part of the STEM revolution in Africa!

Categories & Teams

Elementary Category

Age: 8 - 10 years

Junior Category

Age: 11 - 14 years

Senior Category

Age: 15 - 17 years

Open Category

Age: 18 - 25 Years

Competition Categories are Elementary, Junior, Senior and Open Categories, competing in the following STEM areas below.

Robotics & AI

Contestants can use their skills in Robotics & AI to create innovative solutions that improve daily life and solve real-world problems. For example, they can develop robots that assist with elderly care, or AI systems that help mitigate environmental risks, or any idea that connects the world.

Coding (Web App)

Contestants can use their coding and programming skills to create digital solutions that connect people across Nigeria. For example, they can develop mobile apps that provide access to education for remote communities, or web platforms that connect people with common interests.


Contestants can use their skills in Electronics & IoT to create connected devices that improve the quality of life for people around the Nigeria. For example, they can develop smart home systems that make life easier for elderly people, or create connected devices that help farmers monitor their crops and livestock.

Animation & Graphics

Contestants can use their skills in Animation & Graphics to create engaging and informative content that connects people with important information and ideas. For example, they can develop animated explainer videos that help educate people on environmental issues, or create graphics that communicate scientific findings in an accessible way.

Coding (Mobile App)

Contestants can use their coding and programming skills to create digital solutions that connect people across Nigeria. For example, they can develop mobile apps that provide access to education for remote communities, or web platforms that connect people with common interests.

STEM Education in Africa

Drone Challenge

Contestants can use their skills in Drone Technology to develop solutions that help improve safety, security, and efficiency in various industries. For example, they can design and program drones that assist with search and rescue missions, or survey land for agriculture and forestry purposes.

Competition Timelines


  • April: Registration opens nationwide.
  • March to May: Training Kits procurement.
  • May to July: Nationwide Online/Onsite Training begins.
  • August: STEM Festival 2023.
  • August to October: Preparation for Panama 2023.
  • November 7th to 9th: World Robot Olympiad in Panama, Central America.


Participants who have registered, including competitors and audience members, are required to arrive in the city where the competition is being held at least one day before the event.


All registered participants would receive intensive STEM training. A combination of in-person workshops and online resources. The in-person component will consist of intensive, hands-on workshops led by experienced instructors and industry professionals. 
Date: April 10 – July 20, 2023. Get ready your tools.

Competition Date

The event will take place from Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th, 2023. The competition will be held in front of the judges, dignitaries, and a live audience. Those who wish to be a part of the live audience can register for free.

Trophy & Awards

The Ultimate STEM Festival Prizes (a share of NGN 4,000,000 at least) goes to the topmost winners in each STEM Area in each category (Robotics, Coding, Electronics/IoT, Animation/Graphics, App Dev and Drone Challenge). 18 winning teams and the 1 open category winner. 19 winning teams altogether.

E.g. Robotics

Golden Cup: Overall Best

i. The Golden Cup
ii. NGN 300,000
iii. Medals
iv. Certifications
v. 6 Winning Teams

Silver Cup: 1st Runner-Up

i. The Silver Cup
ii. NGN 200,000
iii. Medals
iv. Certifications
v. 6 Winning Teams

Bronze Cup: 2nd Runner-Up

i. The Bronze Cup
ii. NGN 150,000
iii. Medals
iv. Certifications
v. 6 Winning Teams

Open Category Winner

i. NGN 100,000
ii. Medals
iii. Certifications
iv. 1 Winner or Winning Team

General Game Rules

Download the Game Rules as your ultimate guide to help you stay within the terms and conditions of the Contest.

Competition Tools

  • For the Robotics Category: Tools range from Lego EV3 Mindstorm, Spike Prime, Arduino to Raspberry Pi, and their corresponding programming languages. Participants are also expected to model and simulate their solutions using the Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT) and other simulation tools during the training period.

  • For other STEM areas, such as coding, animation, IoT, and drone technology, participants are allowed to use their chosen programming languages and required tools.

It should be noted that the specific tools and programming languages required for these other STEM areas have not been specified. Meaning, you are required to pick your most convenient design and programming tools to create and share your STEM Festival solutions.

Open to All Participating Schools, Coaches, Parents and a LIVE and participating Audience.

The STEM Festival competition is a grand gathering that brings together schools and competitors from various locations to showcase their physical designs and solutions that aim to connect the world. This event culminates in an intense battle for the prestigious STEM Festival prizes, which includes a minimum share of NGN 4,000,000, as well as trophies, medals, and certificates for all winning contestants across different categories.

The competition is set to be graced by notable statesmen, dignitaries, and business investors who are seeking to invest in talented young people with promising solutions. The STEM Festival promises to be an exciting event that highlights innovative solutions and quality performance.

Partners & Sponsors

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Supported by Google

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Collaboration with Cogmation, Canada


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STEM Professionals Club

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