STEAM UP Nigeria

Nigeria's Independence

STEAM UP Nigeria is borne out of the spirit of solidarity with Nigeria’s Independence. It’s our yearly event where STEM Professionals come up together to help the next generation of young Nigerians STEAM UP with in-demands skills required to thrive in the new Global Economy on a 3-Day thorough STEM Exposure the ultimate goal to help young Nigerians have world-class STEM/TECH exposure and  skills to boost productivity at different corners across Nigeria. Participants would be able to choose different  FREE STEM/STEAM Coaching in the following areas: Web Development, App Development, Robotics, Animation & Games, Graphics & General Automation skills for every Nigerian hour everyday from October 1st to 3rd

The goal of STEM Professionals is to summon a new spirit of creativity and innovation in more young Nigerians towards becoming very competitive in the new global economy with the right and required skills.

Skills You Would Learn

Skills You Would Learn

Tools You Need