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Do not continue the old traditional way of educating the African Child that has left us with more consumers than producers. Integrate quality STEM Education into your curriculum today. Quality STEM Education and Skill is the backdrop for the individuals and nations who have remained competitive in the global economy. Let your pupils and students develop quality STEM skills alongside their formal education and be among the top 10% of individuals that would drive the emerging global economy. Enlist your School in the league of quality schools in your city. Let the award-winning STEM Education Outfit set you up to begin the journey in the most incomparable way. Your pupils and students would have the opportunity just like their counterparts anywhere in the world to develop STEM skills in Robotics, Coding/Programming, Animation, Game Development, Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Drone Technology, IoT, Blockchain Technology and become more globally competitive. Give them the STEM opportunity to begin early to build THINGS that WORK. Make your School join STEM Professionals on the journey of taking the African Child from consumption to creation of Tech/STEM solutions. Join the STEM revolution in Africa.

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  1. Kalio+Daniel

    Awesome, a rare opportunity to every school

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