Robot Champions League

Let the Battle Begin!

Join the league of STEM Champions. Battle the brightest STEM minds from around the country and win national honors. Battle for the best ideas and solutions, for speed, accuracy, and creativity in finding solutions to a pressing need! Win a slot to STEM Festival 2023 and the World Robot Olympiad 2023.

Season ends with so much tension and excitements. Watch the Table!

The Challenge/Task

The Challenge: Build a robot that can navigate through a maze, and use it to “link” two separate areas together by transporting an object from one end to the other.


  • The robot should be able to move autonomously through the maze and avoid obstacles.
  • The robot should be able to pick up and transport a small object from one end of the maze to the other.
  • The robot should be designed and built using only the materials provided in the kit.
  • The robot should be able to complete the maze within a certain time limit.
  • The robot should be appropriate for participants ages 8-16 and should not contain any dangerous or sharp parts.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Creativity and originality of the robot design.
  • Quality of the robot’s construction and functionality.
  • Ability to navigate the maze and transport the object accurately and efficiently.
  • Overall performance within the time limit.
  • Presentation and demonstration of the robot by the participants


  • First place: $49 1 Year VRT license key.
  • Second place: $7 Amazon gift card and certificate of achievement.
  • Third place: $5 Amazon gift card and certificate of achievement.
  • Automatic qualification to compete at the National STEM Festival 2023 and World Robot Olympiad (WRO) National Qualifiers.
  • A chance to represent Nigeria at the World Robot Olympiad in Panama

Tools You Need

If you don’t have a STEM account yet, you’d get yours upon sign up. Also get your own Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT)

Robot Champions League (RCL)

Robot Champions League (RCL): The STEM-A-THON for Robotics stars and new comers.

Watch Previous Champions

9jaRoboCon Virtual Playoffs, now “Robot Champions League.”

Overall Champion

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How Robot Champions League (RCL) Runs

Daily Training with Coaches

Improve your skills and get expert guidance by joining our daily training sessions with experienced coaches. Download Schedule.

If Robotics is not your STEM choice, click join STEM-A-THON below for other STEM-A-THON competing areas: Coding, IoT, Animation, Game Dev and App Dev.


Test Run and Submit:

Participants will have the opportunity to practice, design, and test run their codes in preparation for the STEM-A-THON competition. You need VRT to program your robot and simulate your solutions.

Playoffs Score

League Table & Results

Check your real-time rankings on the League Table and keep climbing with each submission until you’ve reached the top or exhausted the 10 rounds of play. Watch as your name rises on the leaderboard with each submission and see who you need to beat to become the STEM-A-THON champion.

Support a STEM Child

Behind every great innovator is a community of supporters. Be a part of that community by gifting the champions of STEM-A-THON with money or tools that will propel their STEM journey forward. Your investment today will lead to a brighter future tomorrow.

We shall invite all donors to join us online for the closing ceremony to witness the champions running their final program and the presentation of awards and gifts that they provided..

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