STEM Professionals Club (covid-19)

STEM Professionals Club (covid-19)

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(Covid-19 Intervention Program) 

As a way of helping our kids to remain in the loop of creativity, innovation & learning value, STEM Professionals Club goes virtual until the end of covid-19 pandemic in a cycle of 4 WEEKS FREE training for each kid. In this period, the kids would be creatively engaged as usual until they return back to school by the end of covid-19.

About STEM Professionals Club

STEM Professionals Club is the hub of rising STEM innovators in school and out of school (Primary School, Middle School, High School & Undergraduate). STEM Professionals Club runs in most quality private schools across the metropolis. It is the most creative & intriguing experience for pupils and students in their schools every academic session and those out of school, as they engage in Hands-on skill development in different STEM areas including Robotics, Programming (Coding), Game Development, Animation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Electronics & Drone Technology. And in the process, they build innovative and useful things that work alongside their classwork under the one-on-one and collective coaching by certified STEM Professionals.


This FREE covid-19 package shall be comprised of Programming, Robotics, Game Development and Coding only.

  • Programming: Programming would be general and common for all the kids. Here, they shall learn the basics of automation. They would learn to build data collection & management systems and manipulating them to meet different daily needs.
  • Robotics: This shall be more of Virtual Robot Design and programming. They shall build different robot models virtually with their design tools and write corresponding programs to achieve the designs in simulations. This is more of designing robot models for easy implementation upon school resumption. However, the kids with personal building kits at home can be a little further along.
  • Game Development: They shall learn to develop games with Python programming language and other building tools. It begins with introduction to python programming.
  • Coding: They shall engage in an inspiring coding experience with HTML5 (including CSS3 & Javascript) to build web pages; User Experiences and User Interfaces.

Our Learning/Work Platforms

Our learning and Work Platform is comprised of Live Video Delivery session every Saturday and another Digital Work Environment where we manage everything else like classwork, assignments, scoring, interaction and so on. When you submit your registration use the link shown to join the WhatsApp/Telegram from where you would be added to the digital classrooms. DO NOT MISS TO JOIN. 

Learning Tools/Requirements

1. Computer and Tablet or Smartphone with Internet Access (a laptop and a smartphone or only a laptop would be okay for you)

2. Your writing materials

3. Make sure you join the group of learners from where you would be added to our digital classroom. NOTE: If you miss joining the group of learners, you might miss everything happening and all the daily updates.

4. Please do your sign up with a Gmail account ONLY. 


The training worth $298.16, is delivered for FREE for a period of 4 weeks for each child from the first day they join, after which the child can upgrade to Premium Subscription for STEM Professionals Club. The FREE training is to provide support for young Africans to ease off tension during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Referred Children have very high chance when they are referred by properly Designated Individuals such as a Celebrity, Pastor, Lecturer, Politician, School, Teacher, parent, Educator, Organization, etc, either as their mentors, parents, friends, uncles, aunts, neighbors or any designated individual. 

Age Range

Age 5 to 25 is accepted into the program.

Age range is divided into junior and senior as follows

  • Junior === 5 to 12 years old
  • Senior === 13 to 25 years

Training Time/Day

Our FREE program has been running since Saturday 9th May, 2020 and we accept more kids intermittently.

Junior (5 years to 12 years) === 11am — 1pm (GMT + 1)

Senior (13 years to 25 years) === 11am — 1pm (GMT + 1)


This free training support would run in a cycle of 6 weeks for each child from the day they join, after which they can upgrade to the premium membership. The free training runs till the end of COVID-19 pandemic but in a cycle of 4 weeks for each child.

Parent’s Full Support 

The kids would need their parents’ assistance with the provision of gadgets and internet access to get the best from the program. And support the kids to upgrade to premium level when they find the strong connections with building STEM skills and career in STEM fields.


It’s another time of  fun, learning and growing STEM skills.

Go ahead and SIGN UP for Free.


Stay Safe

Wash your hands regularly, stay home and learn until we return back to School. We always have fun learning new STEM skills in STEM Professionals Club. Welcome on board!


Click Here to Upgrade to Premium Level


Premium Contents

  • Premium Materials & Resources (not available on the free package)
  • More work with STEM Professionals Coaches
  • Running 3 Specific term projects every term
  • More STEM options including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Electronics, Animation, Drone Technology
  • Personal Premium account with STEM Professionals helping you do much more on your own

Premium Package Costs $149.08 only, per term (3 months). And $402.52 only/ academic session (10% discount)

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      1. Jonathan Sunday

        I’m a youth and teens pastor seeing the advert I think I need the knowledge, if I’m permitted to join, I will appreciate.

    1. stemprofs

      Well, you are very much welcome to so. That’s why the program was designed. Just make sure someone referred you if you are not a member of STEM Professionals Club in your school, and that you are not above 25 years old. Else, there is another program designed for you. Join the WhatsApp Group (link: and subscribe to our Telegram Channel (Link: where you would be getting all information in real time.

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    Good morning, I am interested.
    Mr okwudiri Anasiudu from NIFES referred me.

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    I want my son to be a partaker.

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