m-Learning 4 Educators

m-Learning 4 Educators

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Game Changer

Good News for you in the teaching Profession & School Management!

Mobile Learning (m-Learning) is a STEM skill that enables the classroom teacher design & deliver more meaningful lessons by automation, and  thereby helping the child to adapt quickly to the digital learning concept of the new age.

Interestingly, m-Learning solution helps even the Smaller Schools or Growing Schools with less facilities to measure up to the standard of digital learning as well as the big schools anywhere in the world who just do e-Learning only. That’s the magical disruption!


e-Learning vs m-Learning  

Both e-Learning and m-Learning are Digital Learning Concepts. Both feature in a more blended learning program where m-Learning supplements e-Learning to provide a more rounded education for the child! e-Learning gets the nod when you have to teach specific skills or impart in-depth knowledge on a subject to your class. However, e-Learning tethers the learner to his/her desk. You choose m-Learning to support an ongoing learning process where the learner needs quick access to bits of information, usually on the go. While the child waits at the doctor’s office, at the sub-way, hostel, during journey or in the dormitory, even at home, anywhere, anytime he or she can do their assignments, homework, take test, exam or any school work and interact with their teachers automatically from any location. m-Learning takes away the mere hard work and unnecessary stress on the part of the teachers and school’s administration and brings in the professionalism, excellence and efficiency. m-Learning helps the teacher grade and arrange results automatically without human errors.

Even for schools without e-Learning set up yet, m-Learning sets such a school up for digital learning just with what they have – the smartphones and tablets already in the hands of the teachers and parents of your pupils/students.

With m-Learning, more persons (parents, siblings & relatives) get more involved in the learning process of the child with fun, and thereby build a more collective network which broadens the learning opportunity for the child.

Already Running e-Learning in Your School?

Then, it’s time to blend up for the new magic. It’s time to blend your e-Learning experience with the magic of m-Learning skill by all your teachers individually, to provide a more rounded education for the Child! 


You can fill out the sign up form, submit and continue reading to know more about the benefits of m-Learning for Schools & Educators below.

Training Tools/Requirements  

  1. Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer with Internet Access
  2. Your Writing Pads

Benefits of m-Learning

1. Design and automate all your Lessons, Tests and Exams by yourself as a teacher and receive your pupils/students’ results automatically graded and recorded more accurately without human errors. Its fast, efficient and unbelievably cheap.

2. Deliver LIVE video classes and have all pupils and students do much more than in a physical class

3. Design your class quiz, grade it and release results immediately for your pupils/students when you wish.

4. Interact with the parents more promptly and easily over the performances of their wards/children with thorough statistical analysis.

5. Switch to automated workflows in your administrative duties such as approvals, purchases, payments, etc.

6. Conduct your school elections, surveys, projects either for students, staff or PTA with your own designed mobile applications any time you wish, all by yourself.

7. Recruit your employees more professionally from now; get them to submit documents electronically to you in a very organised format. Make the process more handy even without a school website or/and integrate them in your school website if you have one.

8. Conduct your school’s entrance exams for new pupils and students from anywhere you are and wherever they are if you wish and let them see their admission status instantly or later as you wish even without a school website.

9. The students and pupils begin to adapt quickly using simple digital tools to drive and enhance their learning rapidly just like their counterparts anywhere in the world.

10. Gain more respect, impact, influence and learning value for your institution through these international best practices.

11. Communicate within your school more electronically.

12. Advertise your school much more easily on every platform with simple content designs.

13. Run an electronic attendance/roll call for your school.

14. Design anything from your imagination to meet the needs in your school or classroom after acquiring these skills by the end of this training.

15. Become a more LMS-integrated institution like the quality schools in the developed nations with best practices in education like the Canada, Japan, Israel, South Korea, UK, USA, Australia, Finland, etc.

Our m-Learning Packages 



  • Beginner (Preliminary)
    – Introduction to School Automation
    – Designing Digital Lessons
    – CBT/E
  • – Automated Attendance/Roll Call
    – Setting Secure Digital Exams/Test
    – Automated Grading
  • Intermediate
    – Beginner +
    – Security
    – Customizations
    – Analysis & Presentation of Individual Student/Pupil’s performances in simple clicks
    – Administrative: approvals, payments, purchases, etc
    – & more.
  •  Advanced
    – Intermediate +
    – Digital Class Reporting
    – Spreadsheet Manipulations
    – & more
  • Professional
    Advanced +
    – Creating unique identities for each pupil & student
    – Automated Results Generation & Reporting
    – Integrating Digital Learning Environment with School Website
    – Running mini website by each teacher for their classes for higher Automated management
    – & more

Training Cost

 $30 per teacher (this cost applies to only a group of at least 30 teachers in a school)

This Training currently runs FREE of charge for every Teacher/Educator and Schools for the Preliminary level, as a part of our Covid-19 Intervention Program to support more Schools to up-skill and take their schools online and help the African Child adapt more quickly to the digital learning concept of the new age.


Congratulations in advance on your prospective new skill in m-Learning as a school and as an educator. It’s the magic you need to take your institution and teaching profession to the next level of efficiency and maximized value.

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