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Certification Training on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Computer Vision

The demand for people with knowledge and skills in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning hugely outclasses the supply. This means that learning and gaining qualifications in these areas are ways to speedily enhance your career prospects and to broaden your opportunities in this year 2020 and beyond.

AI is projected as the driving force behind the current 4th industrial revolution globally experienced today. The goal of AI has always been to create systems that can function intelligently and independently. Hence, STEM Professionals Group has just developed a series of hands-on courses to promote the actualization of these goals.

AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.  AI in a more open sense is a machine or computer program that learns how to do tasks that require forms of intelligence like humans’.

Machine Learning is a popular AI technique for classifying information or predicting the future through training algorithms with a lot of example data.

Computer Vision is a field of AI in which computers try to replicate the function of the human vision  system by using cameras to visually process, understand and interpret images.

Some Popular Applications

  • Google and Tesla Self driving cars depend largely on computer vision algorithms to function properly.
  • YouTube uses Machine Learning algorithms to suggest videos that you are likely to be interested in.
  • Facebook runs Computer Vision algorithms to detect faces and tag your friends.

Going forward people with skills in AI, ML & CV would be desperately needed in Businesses to employ their skills in Marketing (chatbots for marketing strategies); Sales (improving sales forecasting, predicting customer needs, and improve communication); Research & Development (AI helps R&D activities be more strategic and effective); AI for IT Operations (AIOps, AI is commonly used for IT system log file error analysis, with IT systems management functions as well as to automate many routine processes), Human Resources, Manufacturing, Customer Experience, and so on.

STEM Professionals

Kick Off Date

The Training kicks off on April 13th for the first cohort of 50 trainees for 12 weeks. And successive cohorts run in May, July and August and so on.

How To Get In

  1. Sign up and make your payment accordingly
  2. Confirm your payment and get the access code into the training room
  3. Then your training kicks off

Python Programming

The first 3 weeks of this training is focused on familiarizing yourself with Python Programming which is the pre-requisite for the training.

Training Cost

The training is given-away at the cost of $ 350.28 only

Training Hours/Classroom/Projects 

  • You will spend a minimum of 6 hours per week (Wednesdays & Saturdays) with kick off each day at 10 am (GMT +1) , and then you would take the days in between to do your exercises and project.
  • You can always interact with the instructors and fellow trainees within the classroom and work on projects together where necessary

Training Formats 

  1. Digital Classroom: This is where assignments would be given, done, marked by instructors and so on, and where you can interact with other cohort members too.
  2. Live Video Session: This is where the instructors/trainers deliver live video session in real time.

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Congratulations in advance on your new or improved skill in AI, putting you in the top 10% of people that would lead their industry and who would drive the emerging global economy.

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