Innovative Summer 2020
Innovative Summer 2020 Prize Winner

Marvelous Asila – Overall Best @ Innovative Summer 2020

Marvelous Asila was one of the participants at Innovative Summer 2020 who enrolled in the Early Category.

Innovative Summer is Africa’s #1 STEAM Academy, where young Africans from age 5 to 25 learn STEM + Art Skills throughout the month of August from any location across Africa.

This Year, Marvelous Asila was enrolled in the Early Category (Age 5 -12 years) and she developed new skills in the following STEAM Areas:

  • Animation & Game Development 
  • Art of Web Design
  •  Art of Leadership
  •  Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Art of Graphics Design

and the 9 year old demonstrated Exceptional Learning Values and she emerged the Overall Best Participant in the spectrum of the following criteria: 

i. Early and Successful Execution of all her Innovative Summer projects.

ii. Excellent Etiquette

iii. Early to Class

iv. Her quick-to-understand and application ability.

v. High Level of proficiency in using our Virtual Learning Platform


She was just exceptional out of the many other outstanding young participants in her category. Marvelous had also previously been a member of STEM Professionals Club in her primary School (Spring Valley Montessori School) 

Her Prize for Winning Overall Best at Innovative Summer 2020 includes:

  • The Face of PHRoboCon
  • Digital Support for Her New Lemonade Business
  • 15% off her STEM Professionals Club’s Subscription for her first Term at High School
  • A Special PHRoboCon T-Shirt
  • A Flag-off on STEM Professionals’ Website as the Star of the Year before the emergence of the Star Winner of PHRoboCon.
  • Free one-year license for full set-up of Our Virtual Robotics Kit.

The other outstanding performers in the top 3 in her category are Faithfulness Mmata and Sophie Eke.

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