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Happy Birthday to Tony Elumelu

Today is a special day across Africa for young Entrepreneurs, celebrating our Hero.

Today 22nd March is that special day we always crave to celebrate our #1 Hero in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem across Africa.

On this day 22nd March, all of us at STEM Professionals Group send our Very Warm Birthday wishes to our Beloved Mr. Tony Elumelu, our #1 Business Partner and Believer.

It was on this very same day in 2019, that Mr. Tony Elumelu announced STEM Professionals as the Winner of the TEF Entrepreneurship Award (STEM Education) for operating the most sustainable STEM Education Model for the African Child in School and out of School; selected from over 216,000 entries across the 54 countries of Africa. The award provided a world-class Business exposure, proper scrutiny and support from TEF Connect, and a sound mentorship experience from Industry Experts which has contributed to STEM Professionals gaining the status of private STEM Company providing quality STEM Education for Africa.

Today, we have been able to reach thousands of more kids across Africa with quality STEM Education Physically and Virtually, who are now rapidly becoming globally competitive with unique STEM skills in Robotics, Coding/Programming, Animation, Game Development, App Development, Electronics, IoT, Drone Technology, Artificial Intelligence, …and are gaining global relevance as they can compete in different international STEM Competitions including World Robot Olympiad (WRO). More parents and schools have remained proud of our work and our impact on more pupils and students who have developed in-demand STEM skills helping them to meet the NEEDS and DEMANDS of the new age and economy at home and abroad. 

We have succeeded in building more confidence in more Kids and parents that these kids can do much more as their counterparts anywhere in the world. Today, more of these kids are demonstrating quality Decision-Making skills, Creative Thinking, Logical Reasoning, Problem-Solving, and are identifying problems and designing STEM solutions for these problems all over, leading mind-giggling projects at different corners across their communities.

Mr. Tony Elumelu believed in our vision and provided that incredible support very instrumental to the progress we are experiencing today. The Seed Capital of $5,000 was an incredible catalyst to our mission.

Every March 22nd, we specially celebrate our #1 Partner and Believer (Mr. Tony Elumelu), with a new measure of determination to succeed in our mission to Africa. We know Africa needs us in this regard, and that nobody may do it like we can do it. So we have taken on this challenge as our life’s work.

Please Join Us to wish Mr. Tony O. Elumelu, CON a very warm Happy Birthday in the comment section below.

Thank you!

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  1. Kalio Daniel

    Happy birthday Sir Tony Elumelu,
    You have been an aspiration to me and many, indeed a rare change agent to humanity. Keep flourishing beyond limits..

  2. Golden M. Monday

    “The heart of the African economy is entrepreneurship” – Tony Elumelu

    Your reach is more than you know.
    Happy birthday, sir.

  3. Mrs Ukenye

    Happy birthday Sir. May God cause lines to fall unto you in pleasant places..

  4. TOBI Ayelaagbe

    Awesome! Greatness personified. My major take away from you sir is that a man has ability to do and become whatever he desires. With few more like you in Africa. This continent will be like paradise. I celebrate greatness. I celebrate AFRICAPITALIST. You’re huge sir, you’re different and you’re amazing

  5. Words can’t say it all. TOE is amazing. He’s just an amazing gift to our world. He’s an enduring inspiration and motivation to all of us @stempros, and growing entrepreneurs all across Africa and the world.
    I have had a lasting mindshift since I met him in 2019 at Transcorp Hilton. Happy Birthday to you Sir @TonyOElumelu. Wishing you many many more years of fulfillment, Deeper joy and more visible impact on humanity across the globe.

  6. Denise Dennis

    Happy Birthday to a trans-generational personality, Mr. Tony O. Elumelu. You have been a worthy example to our continent.
    You have given us hope that we can build our continent, ourselves and be completely independent and responsible for ourselves.
    I am specially wishing you many more years to come with better things ahead.

    From Denise Dennis, Nigeria Info PH

  7. Chukwu, ichebadu

    Happy birthday Sir Tony ELUMELU,
    You have been a great role model of selfless giving, a fantastic example of wisdom, leadership, and foresight. I wish you so much joy on earth and beyond.

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