Inyeni Showers
STEM Professionals Director

Happy Birthday to Showers Inyeni

Indeed September is a great month in America and Africa in which so many great world leaders were born. September 11 is a special one for STEM Professionals Group as we celebrate one of our Founding Directors, Mr. Showers Inyeni.

Showers is the STEM Professionals Group’s Chief Technology Officer.

He is a man worth celebrating for too many beautiful reasons.

Showers is one of the most gifted hands in the African Technology Terrain. He’s unusually Creative, Innovative and knowledgeable, yet very humble with outstanding character and qualities.

He has a proven resilience in creating technological inventions and solutions that have caught the eyes of many, including the South African Government and Universities after his successful design of the first Autonomous Airbone Docking of Micro Drones to a mother Drone at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

He has  collaborated on several international tech projects including reducing the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa with AI and Robotics.

Outside his computer screen, Showers loves to do music. He sings, plays the piano, the violin and Guitar with so much dexterity. As well as painting professionally. With his tools and you standing in his sight, he would reproduce you on paper in a few hours.

Showers has remained a huge strength to the STEM Professionals’ team with outstanding achievements including preparing WRO junior high team to win Africa’s Best in New Delhi, India in 2016.

Join us in Africa today to celebrate Mr. Showers Inyeni.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Showers Inyeni, and we wish you the best the earth can offer, and cheers to many more laudable achievements in Technology and STEM Education across Africa.

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  1. Gabriel Misa-Gabramns, GMG (@iamgabramns)

    Happy Birthday to you Showers Inyeni. You have remained a unique blessing to Africa. Keep shining and winning. Love you so much!!!

    Cheers to bigger days of Tech solutions, STEM Revolution across Africa.

  2. Promise

    Happy birthday Mr Inyeni Showers
    I celebrate you, your gifts and your landmark achievements. May all these be a stepping stone to something greater.

  3. Princess

    Happy birthday dear showeres , you are loved and appreciated, God bless you

  4. Olum chukwudalu victory

    Happy birthday sir showeres..I pray for more grace and greater heights in life

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