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Founder, HeadStart Africa

Happy Birthday to John Obidi

Today, we send our warm Birthday wishes to John Obidi for his contributions to humanity.

We use this opportunity to say thank you for your dedication toward the development of young people across Africa and beyond. We recognize all your efforts and the impact you are making in the lives of others and the value you deliver selflessly.

Thank you for demonstrating that true African spirit of creativity and innovation and being an evidence of achieving global relevance from the 3rd world.

Thank you for such a kind heart and the critical contributions you make to the African Business and Technology landscape.

You are an inspiration to every young African leader in any sphere of endeavor.

We appreciate your efforts during the last HeadStart Summit

Happy Birth to you John Obidi, from all of us at STEM Professionals Group.

We wish you many more years of visible impact and value-driven contributions to humanity across the globe.

We take this opportunity to specially notify more people to attend the forth-coming

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