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Happy Birthday to Daniel Kalio

Yippee! Birthday to a Hero.

Happy Birthday to Someone so special. Today, all of us @STEM Professionals Ltd join the rest of the world to specially celebrate someone so Unique in the STEM Industry, Mr. Daniel Kalio

About Kalio Daniel 

Daniel is a founding Director @STEM Professionals Ltd. He’s a very painstaking Robotics Coach (Robotics Head Coach).

Mr. Daniel is a highly technical individual with deep insight into project management & technicalities. He had his University background in Mechatronics Engineering and finished as the Best Graduating Student of his Department with a ground-breaking Solar-Vehicle project locally designed, which had received several collaborations & reproduction opportunities  home and abroad.

He’s the Managing Director of Projects & Production @ STEM Professionals Ltd.

A huge Happy Birthday to Kalio Daniel.

Come on folks, join us to celebrate a Great Man. Type in your Happy Birthday wish for him in the comment area below.

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  1. Princess

    Happy birthday Mr kalio, you are so amazing

  2. Nkechinyere Ugorji

    Happy birthday great man, flourish beyond limits


    Hapi b dae to Mr Daniel

  4. Sophie

    Happy Birthday Mr. Daniel I wish u The Best

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