In about a decade or two, it would be a world of Robots. STEM Kids in Robotics are are living and thinking in the future far ahead of their peers.


Coding would be the most valuable skill for the next decades. Coding increases logic by 70%, retains Creativity by 98%. The STEM Kids in Coding today would shape what the future becomes for everyone.


The future is where everything would be linked together. The Kids in Electronics & IoT today are the designers of that interactive world.

App Development

STEM Kids in App Development would be among world’s most sought after App developers developing Apps for every idea.

Animation/Game Dev

STEM Kids in  Animation and Game Development would lead the new world of animated information and be among the predicted next set of billionaires coming from the wellness industry where gaming leads.

Drone Technology

STEM Kids in Drone Tech would lead the world of security, surveillance, deliveries, save emergency situations across cities, with a blend of fun for quality photography and recreation.


Runs Privately for Individuals & Small Groups
NGN 125,000 Quarterly (3 Months)
  • Your Golden Pack
  • Golden Resources
  • Real-life Projects
  • Up to 2 STEM Areas per Quarter
  • Runs both Physically & Virtually
  • All Required Software, including VRT
  • Competitions (Local & International)
  • Your Unique Club Code & Account (e.g.
  • Certification for every level completed, from beginner to professional
  • Monthly payment option
  • And More

Complete Your Enrollment Below using your Subscription Code on your subscription receipt.

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Club Checklist

Check out the list of tools you need to succeed on your STEM journey.


The major tool you need is your Personal Computer (PC) and a couple of other necessary tools below you would need, to be successful on STEM journey.

Golden Club runs Physically and Virtually.

Virtual Club

Virtual Club runs alternatively with your physical Club sessions. However, you can choose to stick to one and switch anytime you wish. Virtual Club trainings run with the same level of efficiency as Physical Club trainings.


You need a sizable laptop with basic qualities and specifications including high speed and graphics, especially if Robotics is one of your STEM areas of choice.

Internet Access

You need a good internet access to enjoy STEM Professionals Club from home.


You need a good headset or headphone to get the best of your STEM training from home.

@stemprofs Account

As soon as you subscribe, you receive your unique stemprofs account alongside your Club Code. Your stemprofs account is so powerful that it automatically enables all Google premium learning resources for you. This is also where you manage all your learning resources and events including LIVE notifications for your virtual club.

Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT)

Did you pick Robotics as one of your STEM Areas of Choice?

STEM Education in Africa

Note: Your subscription to Golden Package comes with all specialized Robotics software for Robotics including 1 year VRT license.


VRT is the most powerful tool your peers are using to achieve extraordinary results in robotics around the world.

With VRT, you can Build, Program and Simulate many more Robotic solutions and Models exactly as you would do with physical kits, and the results are transferrable to real-life designs. With VRT, you would design and model your weekly Robotics Tasks before the next Club Day.

Click to watch a VRT video below.


Your Platinum subscription lasts for a quarter; full 3 months, before it is renewed. Your renewal would done automatically, but with a periodic reminder and the option for you to go ahead or cancel subscription for the new quarter. Some people also choose to a yearly subscription, and that goes with a certain subscription slash in percentage

Your golden subscription can allow take up to 2 STEM areas per quarter e.g. Robotics, Animation & Game Development 

You need your subscription code, complete enrolment, a good Personal Computer (PC), all your Software, good internet access, your stemprofs account or alternatively a Gmail account.

You need VRT only when you choose Robotics as one of your STEM areas of choice. However, your Golden subscription comes with a full one year VRT license. If you didn’t choose Robotics, you get the particular Golden tool required for your STEM area of choice like Animation, Game, etc.

Other STEM areas also go with some specialized software such as Animation, AI, App Development 

You are allowed to change your STEM choice almost anytime, especially within the first 1 month into your training