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Golden STEM Coaching is a private STEM Club for young people to become the masterminds of tomorrow's Tech innovations and solutions. Join the revolution now.

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STEM Checklist

Check out the list below for the tools you need to succeed on your STEM journey.

The very first major tool you need is your Personal Computer (PC) and a couple of other necessary tools below you would need, to be successful on your STEM journey.

Virtual Club

Virtual STEM runs alternatively with your physical sessions. However, you can choose to stick to one and switch anytime you wish. Virtual STEM trainings run with the same level of efficiency as Physical Club trainings. If you wish to switch to virtual any week, then you state it 3 days ahead at least.


You need a sizable laptop with basic qualities and specifications, including high speed and graphics, especially if Robotics & Coding is your core STEM area of choice. Basic Specifications include: 8 – 16GB RAM, 2.5 – 2.9GHz Processor, 2 – 4GB Graphics dedicated, 500 GB SSD or HDD at least, 10th Generation at least, etc.

Internet Access

You need a good internet access to enjoy STEM Professionals Club virtually.


You need a good headset or headphone to get the best of your STEM training from home.

STEM Account

As soon as you subscribe, you receive your unique STEM account (e.g. gary@stemprofs.com) alongside your STEM Code. Your STEM account is so powerful that it automatically enables all Google premium learning resources for you, making you competitive as your American or European counterparts. This is also where you manage all your STEM learning resources, tasks and events, including LIVE notifications for your Virtual STEM Club from home.

Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT)

VRT is an advanced Robotics tool for STEM champs in Robotics Coding option only.
With VRT, you can Model, ProgramSimulate, and Compete using your own Robot.

Robotics & Coding


Note: Your subscription to Premium Package in School comes with all specialized Robotics software for Robotics.

In addition, you would need another advanced Robotics tool called the Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT).

VRT is the most powerful tool your peers are using to achieve extraordinary results in robotics around the world.

With VRT, you can Build, Program, Simulate, and Compete using your own Robot. With VRT, you would design and model your weekly Robotics Tasks before the next STEM Day.

Click “GET VRT” below to watch a video and purchase your 1 year VRT license and join your peers around the world to achieve extraordinary results in Robotics.

Congratulations in advance!


Your golden subscription lasts for a quarter; full 3 months, before it is renewed. Your renewal would be done automatically, but with a periodic reminder and the option for you to go ahead or cancel subscription for the new quarter. Another good option is the yearly subscription, and surprisingly with 5 – 10% slash.

You can run up to two STEM areas in golden subscription, e.g. Robotics & Animation.

However, most Kids and parents choose to focus on a STEM area, build considerable experience before trying another STEM area in addition. The choice is yours.

You need your subscription code, complete enrolment, a good Personal Computer (PC), all your Software, good internet access, your stemprofs account or alternatively a Gmail account.

You need VRT only when you choose Robotics as one of your STEM areas of choice. However, your Golden subscription comes with a full one year VRT license. If you didn’t choose Robotics, you get the particular Golden tool required for your STEM area of choice like Animation, Game, etc.

Other STEM areas also go with some specialized software such as Animation, AI, App Development 

You are allowed to change your STEM choice almost anytime, especially within the first 1 month into your training