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Club Checklist

Check out the list of tools you need to succeed on your STEM journey.


You need a sizable laptop with basic qualities and specifications including high speed and graphics.

Virtual Club

Free Package only runs Virtually from wherever you are


You need a sizable laptop with basic qualities and specifications including high speed and graphics, especially if Robotics is one of your STEM areas of choice.

Internet Access

You need a good internet access to enjoy STEM Professionals Club from home.


You need a good headset or headphone to get the best of your STEM training from home.

@stemprofs Account

Gmail account is highly recommended for your virtual classes. When you become a premium club member, you get a premium club account such as yourname@stemprofs.com (e.g. john@stemprofs.com)

Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT)

Did you choose Robotics for your Free Trial?

STEM Education in Africa

Note: Your subscription to Free Package comes with some required software and a 14 day free trial for the Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT) if you picked Robotics on your Free Trial.

However, after the 14 Days VRT trial, you would need to purchase your 1 year Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT) license to unlock the full potential of VRT for your STEM journey in Robotics.

VRT is the most powerful tool your peers are using to achieve extraordinary results in robotics around the world.

With VRT, you can Build, Program and Simulate Robotic solutions and Models exactly as you would do with physical kits, and the results are easily  transferrable to real-life designs.

Click “GET VRT” below to watch a video and purchase your 1 year VRT license and join your peers around the world to achieve extraordinary STEM journey.

Congratulations in advance!