Nigeria's STEM Festival 2023

(Nigeria’s Tech/STEM Festival)

...emerging Champions, emerging solutions!

The mission of Nigeria’s STEM Festival is to give as many young people all the opportunity to develop and showcase their creativity and problem solving skills in a fun and engaging way; leading to competitive STEM solutions to boost the economic prosperity of our dear country, Nigeria. Many more young people explore their minds towards identifying a prevailing problem and designing superior STEM solutions to such a problem every year.

This is how we Explore Feel Compete Create Model 

2023 Season Theme

Clean City

Smart Waste Management = #CleanCity

The challenge is to Model, Simulate and Design a Smart Waste Solution to typically solve the problem of Waste Management; a Smart Waste Solution that can be proudly integrated into the Port Harcourt metropolis to fully regain its Garden City Status. Are you a group or team of STEM Champions in or out of School, or even without any STEM experience yet but Creative and Innovative? You can register your team and prepare in 2 to 3 months to demonstrate the genius in you, and be part of the STEM revolution in Africa. Register your team and Join the Contest Now!

Contest Categories


Participants will design and program their Robots to showcase Smart Waste Management Solution for the metropolitan city of Port Harcourt. See and Download Robotics Game Rules.

7 - 18 years


The Auxiliary Category is only open to STEM Kids in schools who are in other STEM areas apart from Robotics, including Coding, Animation/Game Development, Electronics/IoT, App Development, and Drone Technology. See and Download Game Rules for each of the Auxiliary Contest Areas.

7 - 18 years

Open Contest

Open Contest Category is only open to young people out of Secondary School, including undergraduates within the age range. The  Grand Finale will feature a special presentation where the Open category Contestants with registered projects in different STEM areas will present their different solution for Waste Management, and the overall Best solution wins the Best Project Award.

15 - 25 Years

Contest Categories are divided into Robotics and the Auxiliary (5 other STEM areas).


Robotics Contestants would compete on designing and  programming their Robot to accomplish a Smart Waste Management Solution. Download Robotics Game Rules below.


Auxiliary  Contestants in Coding would compete on the best software solution for innovative waste management. Download Coding Game Rules below.


Auxiliary Contestants in Electronics & IoT would compete on the best circuit solution to achieve innovative waste management breakthrough. Download Electronics/IoT Game Rules below.


Auxiliary Contestants in Animation & Game Dev would compete on the creating the most ideal Animated story or Game to help citizens use the Robotic waste management solution developed. Download Game/Animation Game Rules below.

App Dev

Auxiliary Contestants in App Dev would compete on the most ideal App for citizens to register and locate the nearest Clean City system to dispose of their waste,  and at the same time get rewarded. Download App Dev Game Rules below.

STEM Education in Africa

Drone Challenge

Auxiliary Contestants in Drone Technology would compete on providing additional support system for the Clean City system such as surveillance other emergency situations across the Clean City stations. Download Drone Game Rules below.

Contest Modes

Virtual Contest

This is the 1st stage of the contest for the Auxiliary and Open categories. Contestants would enter all their solutions virtually ahead of the Virtual Contest Clash before a LIVE Audience, and the Best teams would proceed to the final Clash at the Grand Finale in a physical audience.

Virtual Contest

Virtual Contest entries begin from March 1st >>> March 31st, 2023.
Open Virtual Contest Day: March 31st, 2023

Physical Contest

Physical Contest is the final stage and Grand Finale of the event to demonstrate the solutions physically in the presence of Judges and a vibrant LIVE Audience.

(Physical Contest)

The Grand Finale is Friday 28th & Saturday 29th April, 2023.
In a Physical LIVE Audience before the Judges, Dignitaries and crowd of participants.
Participants would register for free to be in the live audience.

Trophy & Awards

The Ultimate PHRoboCon Prize (a share of NGN 4,000,000) goes to the topmost winners in each STEM Area in each category (Robotics, Coding, Electronics/IoT, Animation/Game, App Development and Drone Challenge). 18 winning teams and the 1 open category winner. 19 winning teams altogether.

E.g. Robotics

Golden Cup: Overall Best

i. The Golden Cup
ii. NGN 300,000
iii. Medals
iv. Certifications
v. 6 Winning Teams

Silver Cup: 1st Runner-Up

i. The Silver Cup
ii. NGN 200,000
iii. Medals
iv. Certifications
v. 6 Winning Teams

Bronze Cup: 2nd Runner-Up

i. The Bronze Cup
ii. NGN 150,000
iii. Medals
iv. Certifications
v. 6 Winning Teams

Open Category Winner

i. NGN 100,000
ii. Medals
iii. Certifications
iv. 1 Winner or Winning Team

General Game Rules

Download the Game Rules as your ultimate guide to help you stay within the terms and conditions of the Contest.

Competition Tools

Competition tools and building blocks are open to the choice of the contestants, spanning through different programming languages. But the Robotics Category this year is restricted to Lego EV3 Mindstorm, Spike Prime, Arduino, and their corresponding programming languages.

However, for the Virtual Contest, the Robot Solution shall be modelled and simulated by all participants using the Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT). Virtual Robotics Toolkit is the first statutory tool for all participants before moving to all other chosen building tools for the physical Robot model.

Open to All Participating Schools, Auxiliary/Open Contestants, and a LIVE Audience.

The State Finals is the Grand Finale, an event assembling all the contesting Schools and participants to display the physical designs and solutions of the Waste Management for Port Harcourt. And final battle for the ultimate PHRoboCon Prize (a share of NGN 4,000,000) and trophies, medals and certifications for all winning contestants in all categories, in an event to be graced by top statesmen, dignitaries and Business investors who are in search of quality solution and talented young people to invest in.

Partners & Sponsors

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