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Nurture your child’s curiosity and creativity with immersive STEM experiences, developing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Let them lead the charge as the next generation of tech leaders and solution-makers.

STEM Choices

Junior Category

 Has three (3) categories to choose from: Every member works with personal computer

Senior Category

 Has four (4) categories to choose from: Every member works with personal computer

In this era dominated by Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI), STEM Champs immersed in Robotics & AI embody the engineers of tomorrow, sculpting a timeless future. They’re architects, forging ahead into realms of innovation that redefines reality.

Coding would be the most valuable skill for the next decades. Coding increases logic by 70%, retains Creativity by 98%. The STEM Kids in Coding today would shape what the future becomes for everyone.

IoT and Electronics embody a gateway to limitless creativity and innovation. For STEM Kids exploring these realms, it’s a journey into a future where devices communicate intelligently, where homes and cities become smarter, and where their ideas shape the very fabric of our connected world.

STEM Subscription

Subscribe Termly


Runs Physically in School & Virtually from home
NGN 55,000 Termly (3 Months)
  • Your STEM Pack
  • Premium Resources
  • Termly Projects
  • 2 STEM Areas Combo per STEM cycle
  • Runs Physically in School
  • Runs Virtually from during Hols
  • All Required Software (except VRT)
  • Competitions (Local & International)
  • Your Unique STEM Account (e.g. jasmine@stemprofs.com)
  • Certification for every level completed, from beginner to professional
  • And More

Subscribe Annually


Runs Physically in School & Virtually from home
NGN 215,000 Yearly (12 Months)
  • Your STEM Pack
  • Premium Resources
  • Termly Projects
  • 2 STEM Areas Combo per STEM cycle
  • Runs Physically in School
  • Runs Virtually from Home during Hols
  • All Required Software (except VRT)
  • Competitions (Local & International)
  • Your Unique STEM Account (e.g. joseph@stemprofs.com)
  • Certification for every level completed, from beginner to professional
  • And more

CDMIS STEM Highlights

Every Child deserves the most Quality STEM Education, because the STEM skills that only specialists have today will be expected of virtually everyone in the African workforce tomorrow. More than 50% of the world’s jobs would be STEM-based by the year 2030, according to the United Nations (UN). STEM Professionals Club is Africa’s leading STEM Learning Club, bent on providing the most quality STEM Education for every Child in school alongside their formal education. Every child receives the most quality one-on-one and group coaching delivered by certified STEM Professionals every term. STEM Professionals Club in the process, prepares every child adequately to compete both in Local and International  STEM Competitions including  World Robot Olympiad (WRO)First Lego League (FLL), Technovation Girls Competition, Robot Champions League, STEM Festival, etc.

Welcome to STEM Professionals Club at Charles Dale Memorial International School; one of Port Harcourt’s most quality, and leading STEM Schools and partners with the STEM Professionals.


Complete your enrollment, using your STEM code on your subscription receipt.

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📰🌟 Latest News

🌟 Celebrating Nigerian STEM Champions! 🇳🇬

In 2023, young minds from Charles Dale Memorial Int’l School, Jesuit Memorial College, Deeper Life High School and Nile University made history, proudly representing Nigeria at the World Robot Olympiad in Panama, Latin America. Their remarkable journey from STEM Clubs in their schools to global stages is an inspiration to all.

🌍 Our WRO 2023 champions emerged as Africa’s 3rd Best, astonishing the world by preparing in just two months and surpassing numerous first-world countries. They continue to gain increasing public and private recognition for their exceptional performance.

🚀 Now, a new season unfolds, commencing with the National STEM Festival, Port Harcourt 2024, culminating in the World Robot Olympiad 2024 in Turkey. This year, we anticipate the emergence of new STEM champions,  at Charles Dale Memorial Int’l School, as they are poised to shine at the STEM Festival and carry Nigeria’s flag to Turkey.

🏆 These two exceptional CDMIS students have already secured their spots for WRO 2024 in Turkey, showcasing their brilliance earned from their astounding performances at the last Innovative Summer 2023.

🔥✨ Nigeria’s STEM stars continue to illuminate the global stage, and we’re eagerly anticipating the inspiring journey they’ll lead this year. Stay tuned for their trailblazing accomplishments!

STEM Checklist

Check out the list below for the tools you need to succeed on your STEM journey.

The very first major tool you need is your Personal Computer (PC) and a couple of other necessary tools below you would need, to be successful on your STEM journey.

Virtual Club

Virtual STEM Club runs during mid-term breaks and holidays from home. All you need is your laptop with full STEM setup, good internet and you connect via your STEM account.


You need a sizable laptop with basic qualities and specifications, including high speed and graphics, especially if Robotics & Coding is your core STEM area of choice. Basic Specifications include: 8 – 16GB RAM, 2.5 – 2.9GHz Processor, 2 – 4GB Graphics dedicated, 500 GB SSD or HDD at least, 10th Generation at least, etc.

Internet Access

You need a good internet access to enjoy STEM Professionals Club virtually.


You need a good headset or headphone to get the best of your STEM training from home.

STEM Account

As soon as you subscribe, you receive your unique STEM account (e.g. josephudo@stemprofs.com) alongside your STEM Code. Your STEM account is Google-enabled and it gives you access to extra premium learning tools just like your global counterparts in the UK, USA, etc. This is also where you manage all your STEM resources, tasks and events, including LIVE notifications for your Virtual Club from home.

Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT)

VRT is an advanced Robotics tool for STEM champs in Robotics Coding option only.
With VRT, you can Model, ProgramSimulate, and Compete using your own Robot.

Robotics & Coding


Note: Your subscription to Premium Package in School comes with all specialized Robotics software for Robotics.

In addition, you would need another advanced Robotics tool called the Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT).

VRT is the most powerful tool your peers are using to achieve extraordinary results in robotics around the world.

With VRT, you can Build, Program, Simulate, and Compete using your own Robot. With VRT, you would design and model your weekly Robotics Tasks before the next STEM Day.

Click “GET VRT” below to watch a video and purchase your 1 year VRT license and join your peers around the world to achieve extraordinary results in Robotics.

Congratulations in advance!

Joshua Etim of Charles Dale Wins The Robot Champions League April Season 2022

Joshua Etim leads the league table @ The Robot Champions League, April Season 2022.

Joshua Etim of Charles Dale Memorial International School is the trending news all over, for emerging the Overall Champion of the Robot Champions League’s Virtual Playoffs, April Season 2022. It was fierce, tough, engaging and problem-solving as he tackled solving the waste management problem alongside other very fierce competitors from different schools. Joshua has demonstrated a huge prospect in Robotics and would now become the STEM Professionals Robotics Ambassador. He would be leading the Robotics Team of Charles Dale (Junior Team) to the Port Harcourt Robot Contest 2023

Joshua has also won himself the ticket to compete in World Robot Olympiad National Qualifiers and would be on his way to Germany 2022 World Robot Olympiad.

He steadily develop more STEM skills in Robotics every week in STEM Professionals Club every week @ Charles Dale Memorial International School alongside his mates in STEM Club. 

Joshua recorded his experience during the competition worth listening to. Watch the Video above.


If you are a student of CDMIS, you’re just one-step away from joining STEM Professionals Club. Just show up the next STEM day. Simply tell your parents about your decision to join STEM club so that they support you by subscribing for you, and get you your computer. Then you get your full STEM setup on your laptop, get your STEM account and code, and you’re now a full member of STEM Professionals Club at CDMIS.

The subscription to STEM Professionals Club Premium Plan @CDMIS is $110 per term. It currently fluctuates around NGN 55,000 (Nigerian Naira).

You can choose termly (3 months) subscription or Yearly subscription (12 months). STEM Club runs round the clock, physically in school and virtually from home during Holidays. Scroll up to see the exact subscription cost is per term or year.

Your Premium subscription can either be Termly or Annually. Termly subscription lasts for a full term (full 3 months), whether you are in school or at home, STEM Professionals Club runs to finish the stipulated number of lessons and project for your current STEM level for that term.

 Annual Subscription lasts for a full year (12months) which usually attracts some discounts.

However, there’s a stipulated subscription period for every term. Tell your parents to always do or renew your subscription in time before or upon resumption. 

To avoid interruption on your STEM journey, your subscription renewal for new term is done automatically, but with a periodic reminder and the option for you to go ahead or cancel your subscription for the new term or session, if you did your subscription online. 

Your premium subscription allows you take up only 1 STEM combination in your chosen STEM area. Below are some of the STEM combinations at STEM Professionals Club;

  • Robotics & Coding
  • Electronics & IoT
  • Coding & Programming
  • Animation & Graphics 
  • Drone Tech & Coding
  • Game Dev & Coding
  • Artificial Intelligence & Coding. It covers from design to programming, to modelling and simulations, projects, etc.

Each of the STEM combinations has a curriculum of 2 years at least and others 4 years, just like Robotics & Coding.

All you need is your

  • Club Code
  • STEM Account
  •  Personal Computer (PC), with full STEM setup.
  • Quality internet access
  • A good headset or earpiece
  • A good corner in your house without distraction.

When you subscribe, you get your STEM account and everything.

You need VRT (Virtual Robotics Toolkit) only when you pick Robotics as your STEM area of choice for that term or session.

Then you do not need to purchase VRT (Virtual Robotics Toolkit) at the moment, until when you switch to Robotics.

However, when you are done with beginner levels in other STEM areas e.g. Animation, Gaming, etc, you would receive extra advanced tools at a little extra cost in addition to your Club subscription. This happens from intermediate levels, from your 2nd or 3rd year in STEM Club.

For as long as you are in School. You just keep transitioning from one STEM level to another, e.g. from Beginner Level 1 to Beginner level 2 to Intermediate levels and to Advanced levels until you become a professional. You can also reach professional level before you are done with secondary school especially if you start quiet early.

You would always be chosen from your school as one of the smartest and best in the club by your coaches. If you miss the criteria for any competition any session, then you keep working hard against another session. Your performances in the local competitions also strengthen your selection for  international competitions.

Yes, you can choose to do without VRT, and depend only on your physical designs during club sessions. However, this would come with a little consequence you wouldn’t want to experience. You may not be able to design, build, program and simulate all your weekly tasks and more robotic solutions and models like your peers during holidays. Even if you could afford the physical robotics kits that cost over NGN 300, 000, you would still need to simulate your solutions before transferring your designs and codes to real-life scenarios just like pilots do before flying real flights. Your VRT designs always match the physical challenges.

VRT is just indispensable for your STEM journey in Robotics!

There are several specialized tools you would receive in addition to your premium tools in other STEM areas apart from Robotics. You would only start using more specialized tools after your STEM Beginner levels. Just like the VRT, Specialized tools have little extra costs in addition to your premium STEM Subscription.

No, subscribed Club members do not pay for all outdoor programs  within their Club subscription period. Their Club subscription covers all nation-wide outdoor programs until your premium subscription expires.

Robot Champions League is the National competition that happens at the end of every term for STEM students in STEM Club from different schools across Nigeria and beyond. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your STEM journey, creativity and innovative experience you have gathered in STEM Club for the term, and focuses on solving a national problem with your STEM skills . You can participate by registering for Robot Champions League

towards the end of every term. It’s a completely virtual competition.