STEM Professionals Club

(Africa’s #1 STEM Coaching Club)

…taking every Child from consumption to creation of STEM solutions

Every Child in school deserves the best STEM Education and Skills alongside their formal Education, because the STEM skills that only specialists have today will be expected of virtually everyone in the African workforce tomorrow. More than 50% of the world’s jobs would be STEM-based by the year 2030, according to the United Nations (UN). And according to the U.S. department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at 17%, while other occupations are growing at 9.8%. Established in quality Schools, STEM Professionals Club is the award-winning Africa’s leading STEM Learning Club, bent on providing the most quality STEM Education for the African Child, both physically in school and virtually from home. Every child receives the most quality one-on-one and group coaching delivered by certified STEM Professionals every term, throughout High School. At STEM Professionals Club, every Child in the process, prepares adequately to compete every year both in Local and International STEM Competitions including World Robot Olympiad (WRO)First Lego League (FLL), Technovation Girls Challenge, PHRoboCon, 9jaRoboCon, 9jaRoboCon Termly Playoffs, etc.

Welcome to STEM Professionals Club at Bishop okoye Spiritan Secondary School; one of Port Harcourt’s most quality and leading Schools, and partners with STEM Professionals Group.


Runs Physically in School & Virtually from home
NGN 70,000 Termly (3 Months)
  • Your Club Pack
  • Premium Resources
  • Termly Projects
  • 1 STEM Area per Term
  • Runs both Physically & Virtually
  • All Required Software (except VRT)
  • Competitions (Local & International)
  • Your Unique Club Code & Account (e.g.
  • Certification for every level completed, from beginner to professional
  • And More

Termly/Sessional Enrollment

After your subscription, use your Club Code to gain access to complete Your Premium Enrollment below, especially if you’re switching to another STEM area of choice this new term or session.

Africa's #1 STEM Coaching Club in School


Africa's leading STEM Outfit

Club Checklist

Check out the list of tools you need to be successful on your STEM journey.

STEM Professionals Club


All you need whether in School or at Home is your personal computer and STEM Professionals and your School will provide every other thing you need to succeed in STEM Club.

Virtual Club

Virtual Club runs whenever you are outside School, especially during holidays. 


You need a sizable laptop with basic qualities and specifications including high speed and graphics.

Internet Access

You need a quality internet access to enjoy STEM Professionals Club from home.


You need a good headset or headphone to get the best of your training from home.

Your Club Account

As soon as you subscribe, you receive your unique stemprofs account (e.g. alongside your Club Code. Both unlock powerful learning resources for you just like your counterparts anywhere in the world. Your stemprofs account is Google-enabled and it gives you access to unbelievable premium resources. This is also where you manage all your learning resources and events including LIVE notifications for your virtual club.

Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT)

VRT for Robotics Only

STEM Education in Africa

Note: Your subscription to Premium Package in School comes with all specialized Robotics software for Robotics.

However, you would need an extra special robotics tool called the Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT) for your STEM journey.

VRT is the most powerful tool your peers are using to achieve extraordinary results in robotics around the world.

With VRT, you can Build, Program and Simulate much more Robotic solutions exactly as you would do with physical kits, and the results are transferrable to real-life designs. With VRT, you would design and model your weekly Robotics Tasks before the next Club Day.

Click “GET VRT” below to watch a video and purchase your 1 year VRT license and join your peers around the world to achieve extraordinary results in Robotics.

Congratulations in advance!

TechGirls: Fully Funded to the United States.


If you are a student of BOSSS, you’re just one-step away from joining STEM Professionals Club. Simply tell your parents to subscribe for you. You can kick off your STEM journey today by simply subscribing to STEM Professionals Club in your School.

The subscription to STEM Professionals Club Premium Plan @BOSSS is $140 per term (3 months). It currently fluctuates around NGN 70,000 (Nigerian Naira).

Your Premium subscription can either be Termly or Annually. Termly subscription lasts for a full term (full 3 months), whether you are in school or at home, STEM Professionals Club runs to finish the stipulated number of lessons and project for every STEM level.

 Annual Subscription lasts for a full year (12months) which usually attracts some discounts of at least 10%.

To avoid interruption on your STEM journey, your subscription renewal for new terms is done automatically, but with a periodic reminder and the option for you to cancel your subscription for the new term or session when you wish. 

Your premium subscription allows you take up only 1 STEM area per term; you either pick Robotics, Animation, Game Development, Electronics, Drone Technology, or Coding/Programming per term.

You can always switch to any other STEM area at the beginning of every new term or session while you’re doing your Premium enrolment. 

All you need is your Club Code, Club Account, a good Personal Computer (PC), your Club Pack containing all your Software tools, good internet access, good headset or earpiece, and a good corner in your house.

When you subscribe to STEM Professionals Club, you receive your Club pack. Go ahead and do your subscription now!

You need VRT (Virtual Robotics Toolkit) only when you pick Robotics as your STEM area of choice for that term or session.

Then you do not need to purchase VRT (Virtual Robotics Toolkit) at the moment, until when you switch to Robotics.

However, when you are done with beginner levels in other STEM areas e.g. Animation, Gaming, etc, you would receive extra advanced tools at a little extra cost in addition to your Club subscription. This happens from intermediate levels, from your second or 3rd year in STEM Club.

For as long as you are in School. You just keep transitioning from one STEM level to another, e.g. from Beginner Level 1 to Beginner level 2 to Intermediate levels and to Advanced levels until you become a professional. You can also reach professional level before you are done with secondary school especially if you start quiet early.

You would always be chosen from your school as one of the smartest and best in the club by your coaches. If you miss the criteria for any competition any session, then you keep working hard against another session. Your performances in the local competitions also strengthen your selection for  international competitions.

Yes, you can choose to do without VRT, and depend only on your physical designs during club sessions. However, this would come with a little consequence you wouldn’t want to experience. You may not be able to design, build, program and simulate all your weekly tasks and more robotic solutions and models like your peers during holidays. Even if you could afford the physical robotics kits that cost over NGN 300, 000, you would still need to simulate your solutions before transferring your designs and codes to real-life scenarios just like pilots do before flying real flights. Your VRT designs always match the physical challenges.

VRT is just indispensable for your STEM journey in Robotics!

There are several specialized tools you would receive in addition to your premium tools in other STEM areas apart from Robotics. You would only start using more specialized tools after your STEM Beginner levels. Just like the VRT, Specialized tools have little extra costs in addition to your Club Subscription.

No, subscribed Club members do not pay for all outdoor programs  within their Club subscription period. Their Club subscription covers all nation-wide outdoor programs until your premium subscription expires.

9jaRoboCon Playoff is the National competition that happens at the end of every term for STEM Kids across the nation. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your STEM journey, creativity and innovative experience you have gathered in STEM Club for the term, and focsuing on solving a national problem with your improved STEM skills . You can participate by registering for 9jaRoboCon Playoffs towards the end of every term. It’s a completely virtual competition.