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Innovative Summer 2021 – refer Parents & Kids, and earn when they sign up!

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This year, the enrollment fee is $60 (NGN 30,000).

But it is just $30 (NGN 15,000) $60 for participants in Nigeria ONLY.

That kind of coincidence hardly happens. However, it all depends on the participant’s information entered while signing up. Everything would be tallied including your name entered by the participants. That eliminates any issue 100%.

Your 20% commission for Innovative Summer 2021 is NGN 3,000 per conversion you make for Affiliate Marketers in Nigeria.

For those outside Nigeria, your 20% per conversion is is $12.

Every Participant has a maximum of 4 STEAM Areas to cover during Innovative Summer 2021. 

1. Business/Entreneurship and Leadersip are statutory (for all participants)

2. You select one core STEM Area of your choice e.g. Robotics, Coding, Animation, Game Development, AI, etc

3. Finally, you would also select one from other STEAM Areas on the list: Graphics, CMS/Web Design, Digital Marketing. for different age categories. Different options are available for different age categories. After your payment, click on Enroll  to to see the STEAM options for your age category.

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