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Earn 5k instantly per sign up through your link @ Innovative Summer 2022

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Refer Kids/Parents to Sign Up for Innovative Summer 2022 and Earn from your Referrals instantly!

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Innovative Summer 2022 – refer Parents & Kids, and earn when they sign up!

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Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the Answers. You can ask more questions that you may have different from these ones. Use the comment area below and we would respond shortly.

This year, the enrollment fee is $100 (NGN 50,000).

This year, all your referrals need is your full Name and Phone Number to be added while signing up.

Affiliate’s commission for Innovative Summer 2022 is 10% (NGN 5,000 or $10).

Every Participant has a maximum of 3 STEAM Areas to cover during Innovative Summer 2022. 

1. Business/Entreneurship and Leadersip are statutory (for all participants)

2. You select one core STEM Area of your choice e.g. Robotics, Coding, Animation, Game Development, AI, etc

3. Finally, you would also select one from other STEAM Areas on the list: Graphics, CMS/Web Design, Digital Marketing. for different age categories. Different options are available for different age categories. After your payment, click on Enroll  to to see the STEAM options for your age category.