STEM Professionals Ltd

STEM Professionals Ltd is Africa’s leading and Award-Winning STEM Outfit, bent on operating and providing the most quality and sustainable STEM Education for the African child in school and out of school. STEM Professionals take great pride in deploying the art of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics in providing disrupting solutions for Education and Industry.

At STEM Professionals, we believe that every  child deserves the most quality STEM Education and Development, because the STEM skills that only specialists have today will be expected of virtually everyone in the African workforce tomorrow.

By the year 2030, more than 50% of the world’s jobs would be STEM based according to the United Nations.

And according to the U.S. department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at 17%, while other occupations are growing at 9.8%.

The current generation of young Africans have to adapt quickly to the concept of STEM Education and Development as we think about the alignment in the classroom and the in-demand jobs that are available in the modern economy.

As we think about the GROWTH of the African economy, the future jobs that would be created and the skill-sets that would be necessary for the next generation of Africans to thrive in the emerging global economy, QUALITY STEM development is the indispensable thing.

We have taken on this responsibility as our life’s work because we are strongly convinced that Africa needs us in this regard, and we know that no one else would do it like we can do it. We are incomparably dedicated to the STEM Education of every Child across Africa.

STEM Professionals Ltd is fully registered in Nigeria (RC 1593761) and operates across the African Trade Area.

Our Vision

To repackage and improve the quality of STEM Education at all levels across Africa

Our Mission

To provide the top-notch STEM Education and Solution for School, Individual, Government & the Private Sector.

Our Creed

We are a group of Skillful and Technical professionals with Exceptional Mastery in finding solution to STEM-related problems.

Our Values

P – Professionalism

I – Innovation

C – Credibility/Collaborations 

S – Service 

We work in terms of results & objectives and leave everyone in our Business sphere with that snapshot of exceptionalism that attaches them to our brand.

Our Objectives

  1. To lead a STEM revolution that makes Africa a leader of next generation of STEM Development and solutions, and coaching the African Child to successfully compete on international platforms to win laurels, and to demonstrate the true African spirit of innovation and creativity.
  2. To build useful and innovative indigenous STEM solutions that will sell across the globe
  3. To lead the African child on the journey from consumption to creation of Tech/STEM solutions
  4. Helping pupils/students to build the essential human and leadership values like compassion, integrity, and service to humanity, through STEM solutions.

STEM Professionals: Nigeria's #1 STEM Outfit!

The Company comprises a group of young Professionals – thinking in terms of results and objectives, putting together the most technical skills and  strategic approaches towards challenging opportunities; highly enthusiastic and competitive, always finding innovative ways to bringing technical solutions to any STEM-related problems; thriving on the wings of challenges and new solutions emerging in the process.


Our Experience

We took the years to carefully start from scratch and keep growing to the top, and these years of experience additionally make us exceptional in what we do.


The #1 STEM Education collaborator with Schools and Parents in providing the most ideal STEM Education for the African Child in school and out school.

Our company comprises the best set of certified STEM Professionals, with admirable collaborations and affiliations home and abroad.


In 2019, STEM Professionals Group clinched The Africa-Wide Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Award for developing the outstanding STEM Education model, providing world-class STEM exposure for the African Child across Africa. And also got the nomination by Oracle Artworlds Africa's most Innovative Startup in London

Our Journey

Taking every child on the journey from technology or consumption to technology creation

24/7 Assistance

We are up for our clients round the clock

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Meet Our Executive & Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Gabriel Misa Gabramns

Chief Executive Officer

Web, Robotics & Blockchain

Gabramns (Co-founder/ceo) is an ward-winning STEM Consultant; designated Nigeria’s #1 STEM Consultant. He had his University background in Electrical/Electronics Engineering, and became a notable Robotics Coach, Web Developer, AI & Blockchain enthusiast. He’s a profound Leadership & Business developer, with certifications in Leadership & Management of People & Resources.

Daniel Kalio

Chief Project Officer

Robotics & Designs

Daniel (Co-founder/cpo) is highly technical individual with deep insight into project management & technicalities. He had his University background in Mechatronics Engineering with a ground-breaking Solar-Vehicle project locally designed, which had received several collaborations & reproduction opportunities  home and abroad.

Ngbo-Awaji Titus - COO

Ngbo-Awaji Titus

Chief Operations Officer

Programming & Digital Marketing

Ngbo-Awaji (Cofounder/coo) is a gifted administrator. He had his University background in Electrical/Electronics Engineering, and went on to become an adept programmer and digital marketing expert with admirable certifications from global brands including Google

Inyeni Showers - CTO

Inyeni Showers

Chief Technology Officer

Robotics, AI & Drone

Showers (Co-founder/cto) is a high profile technologist from Mechanical Engineering background. He became an expert in AI, Robotics & Drone Tech with  PhD from Peninsula University of Technology, SA. Showers has been a robotics coach with many successful  outcomes, including 2016 Head Coach for Junior High Team that finished Africa’s top in the World Robot Olympiad, India 2016.

Miracle Chinonso

Technical Manager

Software & Game Dev.

Miracle is an extremely smart individual with very high IQ, snappy in finding solutions on the spot and very improvisational. He had his University background in Electrical/Electronics Engineering and went on to become a Robotics and Game  development coach, and now, emerging a professional software developer.

Joshua Misa - CMO

Joshua Misa

Chief Marketing Officer

Admin & App Dev

Joshua is a result-oriented Marketing professional with practical strategies in achieving targeted goals. He represents the STEM Professionals Brand in its colors and brilliance, with admirable customer service delivery and administration. He has his university background in Petrochemical Technology and has continued his professional development in App Development.

STEM Professionals

Ajiri Enoch

Technical Support Manager


Ajiri grew through the process to meet the high demands at STEM Professionals Group with a highly admirable skillfulness, from being an intern into a full time STEM Professionals Executive. He had his University background in Mechatronics Engineering, and finished with a successful Elevator project locally designed.

Mbana Golden

Competition Lead

Robotics, Programming & Animation

Golden is one of the smartest young chaps in the Niger Delta. He’s the STEM Professionals Progidy. He grew under the coaching of our CTO as a kid in STEM Club in his School (DLHS PHC), competed in World Robot Olympiad 2016 in India in the Africa’s topmost team for the year. Currently an undergraduate of Mechatronics Engineering, an adept Programmer, Robotics Coach and Animator. Emerging the Competition Lead became one of the biggest deals @ STEM Professionals Group.

Unique Rachael

Marketing/Sales Rep


Unique is a leading Sales Representative with natural abilities of converting our prospects into happy customers.

She has her university background in Psychology and has continued her professional development as a sales and marketing professional.

Robot Designer @stemprofs

Chukwu Ichebadu

Robot Design Lead

Robotics & Programming

Iche is a creative Robot designer and programmer, from the Mechanical Engineering background.

He’s a Robot designer with indept insight into mechanical alignment and the professional interaction between hardware and software, with Master’s in mechanical Engineering.


Vincent Chimene

Logistics Manager

Electronics & IoT

Vincent is a tenacious Electronics/IoT developer and Embedded systems. He had his University background in Electrical/Electronics Engineering. A committed team player with a great sense of value for everyone and their work and opinions. His level of excellence is contagious.

Rawlings Okigbo

Rawlings Okigbo

ITE Lead

AI, ML & Graphics

Rawlings is the frontline product of the 1st Industrial Training Experience (ITE) of the University students  @stemprofs, and had a resultant distinction in school as the top Computer & Electronics engineering  student. He is an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with several professional certifications from Microsoft & AWS. He finished his project in Facial Recognition solution.

Faith Egbuka


Subscription Manager

Faith is an adept Financial Manager. She had her university background in Accounting and has continued her professional development in professional accounting. and has been a huge contributor at STEM Professionals, with a contagious commitment to quality work and productivity.

Ebi Ukuta


App Development

Ebi is an admirably fast developer and resilient in finding technical solutions to challenges. He’s quick and snapily blends with trends. He had his University background in Mechatronics Engineering, and went on to become a splendid App Development Enthusiast. 

Emmanuel Emeruwa


Game Development

Emmanuel is an industry game development enthusiast, with the fine game development skill with Unity. He’s also a top-notch game development coach from Scratch for K-12 students.

He had his University background in Mathematics & Statistics, finishing in the top of his department.


Michael Kayode



Kayode is an a painstaking and committed python programmer. He has seen his career take a new shape at STEM Professionals Group. He’s a Blockchain and Smart Contract enthusiast. He had his university background in Computer Science and continued his professional endeavor as a python programmer.